1. Gate


I'm the stars in your black skyWhere was my head when I began to cryI light this place up and without meYou have nothing, you’re incompleteWhy pick the flower that I first seeI know he searched and he searched for meNow the gates closedYou grew to dislike the dying stemsAll the dandelions shiveringI'll never forget the day you took offNo, I couldn't find you the path was blockedSuddenly the trees began to talkand said just wait it outFeel the breezeJust breatheOh, let him be freeNow my colors baby they would shock youAll my colors I know they would shock youLike nothing you've ever seen beforeOh, they're powerful
Now the gates closedIn this world of mineIn this world of mineThere's a giant sunand it shines so brightIn this world of mine 
Now the gates closedNow the gates closed