1. In the Cloud

From the recording In the Cloud


Verse 1:
In the cloud, was a small crowd
They were a clique
They knew i didn't fit
Everyone sensed it
We swallowed spirits
We swallowed wine
Still I wasn't intertwined

In the cloud, women would flock
To these men who think They are something that they're not
There is a king They've known longer than me
I sold him my soul like a fool

Ohhh you are no Saint, cloud
Don't be so proud
I escaped to the island
Will not reminisce now the cloud...doesn't exist

Verse 2:
In the cloud, I was in love
He saw the beauty under my flesh
Our love was put to the test
Three threatened witches couldn't shut up
He refused to give them up
In the cloud, I won't bow down
Chitter chatter behind my back
I'm more worthy than that
Boats, water, false Idols
I was there for a while
Now i'm out of denial
A so called wolf offered me protection
saved me from neglection